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So What is Bits & Grits?

SVTC Bits & Grits: July 17, 2012

Welcome Back Level III Member: City of Harrisonburg

Welcome New Member: Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center

Your 2 cents worth: SVTC 2012-2013 Luncheon Topic & Speaker Suggestion Survey

Member News: Lumos Networks Earns Metro Ethernet Forum Certification

So What is Bits & Grits anyway?


Recently we were asked what we're doing at Bits and Grits at Mrs. Rowe's in Staunton on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. VOILA - here is that answer, written by Ron Perry, and referring to Kurt from Staunton, who also is a regular at these breakfast gatherings.

In a nut shell:
These get-togethers were started many years ago by a terrific entrepreneur from Staunton named Bob Heinmiller.
No agenda, no topic, no specific rules.  When Bob passed a few years ago, Kurt and I, and others, thought it important to keep it rolling by incorporating it into SVTC events.

It lasts roughly an hour, there are no agendas, no formal rules, no set topics.  Most of the dozen or so attendees tend to be SVTC members, some not, most are there each month.  The topics usually spring from current events, interesting projects someone there needs help with, and how many raisins one might get with their order of Raisin Bran (an old joke - I once got exactly *one* raisin, kidded the waitress about it, and got pranked big time the following month when she brought me a bowl of raisins with exactly one bran flake, while the whole kitchen looked on from behind a door.  We all had a good laugh about it - so if you hear someone order "Raisins Bran" [plural], you'll know why :)

You can bring any discussion topic you wish, it lasts about an hour before everyone has to get back, and Kurt would know more from recent attendance, but some days there are six, some days three tables' worth.

Kurt sends out an email reminder a couple days before, 3rd Tuesdays of each month.
Hope you join us/them!


.....Next Bits & Grits: Tuesday, July 17th at 8:00am.



Bits & Grits

Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 8:00am


Our regularly scheduled breakfast event is held on the third Tuesday of every month. See you there! Reservations or membership not required.


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Welcome Back Level III Member: City of Harrisonburg


Our sincere thanks to the City of Harrisonburg for their level III membership renewal.  We appreciate their strong support of the SVTC. 


The Harrisonburg MSA is a hub for technology development. Employers are quickly discovering the tremendous assets available in the Harrisonburg area. Ideally situated two hours from Washington, D.C. and Richmond, the Shenandoah Valley offers a great quality of life, a highly skilled workforce, and a robust technology infrastructure.


Harrisonburg specializes in growing information technology businesses for health and security solutions. James Madison University, with its emphasis on information security and information assurance, offers a competitive advantage as Harrisonburg seeks to attract technology developers and to foster the development of homegrown technology businesses.


Come see why industry leaders Rosetta Stone, SRI International, Merck, and Serco are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in this thriving market. 


For more information visit or call (540) 432-7701.



Welcome New Member:  Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center


Please join us in welcoming the SV SBDC to our membership.


The SV SBDC is where business comes to talk business in the Shenandoah Valley.  We offer no-fee, confidential consultation and mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses. We can discuss your concerns about business plans, financing options, marketing strategies, financial analysis, strategic planning, operational/management audits, and more. 

We offer an active calendar of workshops and events for the business owner and manager, and we provide access to the many local, state, and federal resources for small and medium-sized businesses.

The SV SBDC is a grant-funded, not-for-profit agency, hosted by James Madison University and supported by the cities and counties we serve. We are part of the Virginia SBDC Network and the National Association of SBDCs. 


For more information visit or call (540) 568-3227.



SVTC 2012-2013 Luncheon Topic & Speaker Suggestion Survey

The SVTC Events and Programming Committee meets over the summer to plan for the upcoming year and there's still time to submit your topic suggestions for their consideration.


The committee would like to hear from you ... what topics, speakers, locations would you like to hear about or visit in 2012-2013. What are the trends? What makes a techie's heart skip a beat? What could we schedule for the tech user? What does a non-techie want to hear about? Remember, we are "techies and non-techies"-- technology users & creators!

Submit your suggestions using this very brief and painless form:
SVTC Luncheon Topic & Speaker Survey


FYI - Our online calendar does not list past events (only future events) - if  you wonder what speakers and luncheons we have hosted in the past, check this out:
history of SVTC luncheons and special events (pdf)


Our thanks in advance for your participation.



Member News:  Lumos Networks Earns Metro Ethernet Forum Certification

[Waynesboro, VA]  -  After more than a decade of providing Metro Ethernet services to countless customers across the Mid-Atlantic region, Lumos Networks today earned certification as a Carrier Class Metro Ethernet Service provider from the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), having completed a comprehensive testing process.  Certification marks a milestone for Lumos Networks, already recognized as an industry leader in Ethernet services. Lumos Networks is now one of only 195 organizations worldwide to have met the stringent certification requirements.

The MEF, as the defining body for Carrier Ethernet, is a global industry alliance comprised of Ethernet service providers, network equipment/software manufacturers, semiconductors vendors and testing organizations.   The MEF tests and certifies Ethernet standards, develops technical specifications and implementation agreements to promote interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet worldwide. Lumos Networks joined MEF earlier this year to enhance the overall Ethernet service definition, by providing additional technical specifications and product features, while also focusing on interoperability for those customers who need connectivity to other Ethernet services.

"As Lumos continues to focus on fiber-based data products, this enhancement allows us to take advantage of additional opportunities with key large customers including Wholesale and Enterprise businesses with network specifications based upon MEF Standards," say Vice President of Product Management and Engineering Craig M. Drinkhall.  "Additionally, MEF Certification supports key initiatives like fiber to the cell site by aligning Lumos ethernet products with the global standards required by demanding service provider customers," he adds.

Lumos Networks Metro Ethernet provides multiple capabilities that give our customers the key services they need to grow their businesses:

  • Enhanced business Connectivity
  • Scalable symmetrical bandwidth up to 10 Gigabits for data traffic
  • Support for Quality of Service, with prioritization for key service types
  • Improved Business Continuity: Lumos Network's ring topology allows for seamless, continuous service
  • Updated Service Level Agreements with new technical parameters required by customers

"Lumos Networks Metro Ethernet continues to provide customers with a fiber-based high speed, scalable solution to connect to virtually any site that has standards-based high speed data connectivity requirements," says Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President Joe McCourt.  "MEF Certification provides the assurance that Lumos Networks' Metro Ethernet services meet the worldwide standards for Ethernet Data Communications and further positions us as the clear data network leader in the Mid-Atlantic region."

For more information about Lumos Networks and its host of products and services including Metro Ethernet, please visit or call 800-262-2200.

"As a technology user and training coordinator, I find the SVTC luncheons a great source of information and networking.  I have developed contracts with businesses and trainers as a result of conversations at the meetings.  SVTC helps me to serve the needs of my customers and clients."

- Mary Sullivan, Training 

  Coordinator, Blue Ridge

  Community College, SV 

  Small Business Development



 * * * * * 


"SVTC membership has been an invaluable asset to Cadence over the years.  As a growing company in this area, our ability to leverage the many available networking activities continues to be an integral part of our on-going success.  Cadence has also benefited from recognition by the SVTC as the High Tech Company at the annual Tech Nite awards event." 


 - Chip Harvill, VP Marketing
   Cadence, Inc.


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